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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ You & Your Car _ Black Ph1 145 QV resuscitation

Posted by: JeremyG 7th May 2018 07:54

QUOTE(dante giacosa @ 7th May 2018 08:26) *

The Y-joint is a non-return-valve,which is a sort of miniature rubber membrane which only allows one way flow.

When they fail- They seem to just leak out of themselves.

It's a part which is very hard to buy a good one of, although Halfords do do one.

I think I may have replaced with a straight T-junction
Think I've got a picture of the alarm exterior part which you describe on the 146... (Before & after cleanup)
I also have a sort of air vent round the back of the car, with like a plastic 'sink strainer' over the hole.
I think the purpose is to allow a through-put of cabin-air for ventilation purposes.

Great, thanks - although it looks to me like the hole in the bodywork is there simply to let the sound out from the siren. There was a kind of silicone membrane over the holes in the siren unit which had disintegrated (and presumably that was how the water got in).

On the Y-piece - no point in attempting a repair, by the sound of things - so I'll go straight for a replacement!

In fact: just ordered one here:

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