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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ You & Your Car _ Black Ph1 145 QV resuscitation

Posted by: JeremyG 17th February 2019 17:05

I also decided to strip down the idle control valve - this was a second hand unit I bought from eBay as a backup...

Here it is:

The casing is in two parts, with a cylindrical spring fixing keeping the two parts together. I used a self-tapping screw to remove it:

Then the two parts rotate against each other and separate:

The section on the left contains an electromagnet (you can just make out the coil windings):

... while the stem of the part on the right is magnetic. It rotates to open and close the drum-shaped valve that links the two ports, and allows air to by-pass the (closed) main throttle valve.

Here it is doing a Dalek impression to show the range of movement it has:

Anyhow, bottom line is, the valve on this unit moves much more freely than the one on my car. So if I get any idling trouble, I'll switch this unit in.

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