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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ You & Your Car _ 145 1.6 Boxer owned by Zhagar

Posted by: Zhagar 3rd December 2018 21:26

Hello dear 145 lovers.

My name is Matej Žagar and I'm coming from Slovenia. I would like to introduce to you my 145 1.6 Boxer. I've bought it in May 2018 after it was rolling a couple of months on car ads. 9 years ago I used to own a 146 1.7 16V so I know what a boxer engine brings to the road and to the face laugh.gif

I went with my father to take a look and in a couple of minutes I've decided to buy it. This is my face, when I went to the petrol station with her for the first time:

The car also changed a lot of owners in the recent past, more or less good owners. A lot of things were documented on the Alfa Klub Slovenia's official forum.

There are some quirks to do with the car, it needs some love. Nontheless, after all these years she is in very good shape. The engine runs like a charm (revs perfectly, no overheating, no trouble with ignition,...), rust is present but really easily fixed, interior is in good shape apart from the drivers' seat.

One cold start for you guys smile.gif

Sure she burns a little bit of oil but after 3.000 kilometers of owning her and having a friend drive behind me while driving her hard there is no blue smoke mid-drive, only on cold start.

A picture from Alfa Klub Slovenia's biggest meeting this year (over 140 alfas coolio.gif )

After my initial enthusiasm I then started planning what to fix on her. Then a list started filling up.

First thing I did was to change the light bulbs in the dashboard, they were almost all dead.
Then I changed her front logo which was old (chinese from aliexpress smile.gif )
After that I decided to mix some paint in the correct number and painted all the chips from the little stones, car parks, etc. and this:

Now for some more serious things. Below picture of her underbody state:

Bit of oil leaking from the valve covers, nothing critical, she's an older lady after all tongue.gif

After this inspection I decided to change the rubber mats with high quality textile ones:

Of course I cleaned the foot rests and pedals with a brush, I just forgot to take a picture...

Because she came with just 1 key, I decided to make a copy of the original key, 60 EUR and it works like a charm

After this the time has come to change the engine oil. I chose Motul 6100 10W-40. If you have any other recommendation for a boxer unit, please let me know. I've heard Mobil and/or Shell is more quality? Can somebody confirm?

Let's move on. I went on a MOT test inspection where I saw the test telling me that rear handbrake didn't work. OK, I said and bought stuff to replace.

New cilinder and new brake pads. I bought the springs a couple of weeks ago and did not change them yet (I don't like rusty springs smile.gif )

The same day we also changed the spark plugs because the old golden lodges were... let's just say ready for a change:

Because of the rediculous price and general un-availability of new golden lodges I went with NGK BP6ES and I'm happy. The car runs a bit smoother and after 3.000 km absolutely no problems with ignition.

Couple of days later I decided to buy the 145 logo for the trunk, result:

I also changed the horrible gear shift knob all 145/146 have. Yes, china again and really cheap but I love the looks and the feel of it. I also shortened the lever a bit, was just too damn high laugh.gif

Cronologically now we're almost in November. And since I decided this car will not drive on snow I pulled her tables off and sent her to sleep. But only official sleep. Now it's time do to the really big stuff coolio.gif

Time to rip off all plastics and let her show me all her secrets:

Eveything OFF

''Please don't hurt me'' she's saying whistle.gif

Next step on my goal was to completely make new tapestriest, fix the seat, make new leather for gear knob, hand brake and making a leather steering wheel with the help of a tailor.

Everything OFF from the inside laugh.gif

One day before I was agreed to meet with the tailor I got my hands on completely new seats. What seats you ask? SPORTPACK SEAT coolio.gif A complete set. The drivers seat needs tailors' help to be as new and I gave him these seats instead of the boring green ones. Seats + all mentioned above will cost me up to 300 EUR.

I have something more to share but can't due to forums post restrictions unsure.gif

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