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Posted by: IgoRR 10th September 2015 20:29

QUOTE(FactoryOsaruJPN @ 28th January 2015 16:24) *
Thanks for your video,I just enjoyed watching it. worshippy.gif
I could make my exhaust deeper if there is no stupid speed limit in Japan.
We are forced to drive so slowly because only 100km/h is legal on express toll roads,which
make us pay approx 30JPY(1/4EUR) a kilometre,pretty expensive,on the other hand,country roads
are restricted within 60 km/h,idiot!!

So, we usually have to run our engines in low speed,and slow engine speed would make
louder annoying noise if rear exhaust outlet is large diameter which is expected to produce deeper tone.

It's fun to speed actually up to 200km/h.

that's a shame...

You can go to a race track?

QUOTE(denraud2 @ 10th September 2015 14:17) *
So fun!

yess whistle.gif

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