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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ You & Your Car _ 145 1.6 Boxer recommissioning

Posted by: BudgetBoxer 9th November 2018 10:52

QUOTE(dante giacosa @ 9th November 2018 10:31) *
Hey BudgetBoxer-

yes; some of us are still alive!

Welcome along; that sounds like a really exciting project!

Can you post some pictures of the beast?
(can you see how to do that?)

Here we go - photos here. Really bad ones, recently changed phone and the new one seems to try and be all artistic, getting one element pin sharp and the rest all blurry.

Car is filthy, it wasn't clean before I drove it 180 miles home!

Questions / comments from the photos
- is that silicone sealant holding in the speakers (they are all blown and will be changed)
- is that sunroof factory?
- how much pain am I in for with the headlining?
- yes, the last exhaust hanger has partially split
- door card fabric is coming away from the doors
- what's hiding under the tape on the tailgate interior?
- where do I get a new alfa twist boot badge?
- my god it needs a clean, especially inside...
- where did the previous owner hang the 10ft flag / banner??

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