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Posted by: Fin 18th September 2011 20:52

I am (was) seriously contemplating buying a manual 3200GT (the older one with boomerang lights) either next year or the year after... If any hideous POS Stupid Utility Vehicle with a grafted on Masser grille and a few badges ends up selling in this country, I will be re-thinking that. I like Maserati's because they make beautiful stylish cars, not ugly unnecessary big f**king heaps of junk.

I had the extreme displeasure of following some t**t in an Escolade (obviously in Cheshire) the other day. It was like a big slow tacky chintzy Transit, only uglier and presumably built to a lower standard. The selfish road-hogging c**t driving it really ruined my driving experience!* rant.gif

*Well, until I floored it and then could see the front of it in the mirror, which was even worse! laugh.gif

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