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Posted by: GialloEvo94 17th January 2008 11:53

QUOTE(GTA @ 17th January 2008 10:44) *
What is the worst that can happen with a worn variator?

Usually just noisy at startup and possible slight lack of performance.

However, AforAlfa (another member on here) did previously mention that he'd seen a variator before with completely stripped gear teeth inside meaning that it just spins round inside without transferring the inlet cam wheel drive to the inlet camshaft which would result in a damaged top end (trashed inlet valves). I really can't believe this situation to be anything other than very very rare though (and very very unlucky) because to completely strip the hardened teeth inside the variator would take a serious amount of torque through the cam wheel with the camshaft probably also jammed in some way meaning that the top end would already be a gonner anyway.

With a worn variator then in 99.9% of cases, the engine will continue to run without any resulting damage for many more tens of thousands of miles/kilometres.

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