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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ Twin Spark Engine Only Oily Stuff _ Resonator Replacement With A Straight Through Pipe

Posted by: Junior145 19th February 2007 21:39

replaced my resonator with the straight through pipe this weekend, thought i`ll offer my opinion so far. Engine defiantly to me seems a 'little' free`er reving, and seems to hold the power a tad better, worth mentioning i also replaced stock air filter to a piper cross one (thanks van). the sound is awesome, you cant really tell a difference until you put your foot flat to the floor biggrin.gif with that said there’s a slight issue arising, seems to have developed a flat spot from idle to about 1,500 rpm, tried to pull out promptly on a busy road as had no chance of getting out otherwise, pulled out and it felt like just had no power until went over 1,500 rpm and then i flew away, my reaction was 'oh s**t' when initially pulled out laugh.gif also today (car engine cold) i pulled out (making sure there was nothing coming for awhile just incase) and the car crawled out at 500rpm on the edge of stalling, wouldn’t do anything, put my foot on the clutch instantly and just waited till it recovered to normal idle, accelerated and all was good.

now its worth mentioning before when engine was cold i had performance issues where the car would rev but not feel like was getting any power, however this could be due to a failing lambda whistle.gif (keep getting the occasional lambda error on my diagnostic software you see) so ive got a feeling this doesnt go well with the replacement straight through pipe rolleyes.gif *goes looking to see which plug to d/c for the lambda*

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