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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ "How To" Guides _ Audio: Running A Stereo Power Cable Through The Bulkhead

Posted by: Grub2000 9th September 2005 17:41

For all those wondering, here is how I put a power cable through the bulkhead of my QV...

1) Take off the rubber strip that covers the edge of the plastic thing below the window.

2) Undo the star screws that hold the plastic thing down.

3) Push and pull the plastic thing until you get a gap where you can see a grommit in the right hand corner. What I did was push the edge nearest the windscreen up and this gave me just enough room.

4) Shove a torch in so you can see what you are doing.

5) What I did next was place a spanner under the grommet to stop it moving. My mate had a handy three edged spike thing so I shoved it in the fatest tube of the grommet, if you have skinny hands you might be able to get a knife to it.

6) Next I used some long needle nosed pliers to push the cable through the hole, it takes a bit of time but push a few inches through.

7) From inside the car take off the rubber door trim level with the grommet. If you are lucky you will see the cable, I wasn't cos there was a load of foam in the way. I found it useful to take the catch off of the glove box and look up through the hole. This makes it a bit easier to locate the cable.

8) Use a coat hanger or welding rod to hook the cable out.

9) Once that's done, thread the cable into the engine bay through the grommet that the side indicator wire goes through.

Thats it. Not exactly a technical description but you should get the idea.

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