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> Dashboard: Heater Control Panel Removal
post 9th May 2010 11:58
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From: Lincoln

Here is a a guide to remove the heater control panel.
Attached File  DSCF5799.JPG ( 1.62mb ) Number of downloads: 275

Tools required:
5mm Cross Head Screw Driver
2-3mm Flat Blade Screw Driver

1. Remove the screw cover to the far top right of the panel, you may have to adjust the steering wheel column height in order to get a screw driver through. Do this using a small flat blade screw driver to fit in to the grove provided. Then remove the cross head screw that is hidden underneath.

Attached File  DSCF5800.JPG ( 1.7mb ) Number of downloads: 353
Attached File  DSCF5804.JPG ( 1.63mb ) Number of downloads: 209

2. Remove the heater control knobs. Do this by covering the flats with a cloth as to protect them form being scratched. Then over the part which you grip, grab with the pliers and sharply pull straight back.

Attached File  DSCF5801.JPG ( 1.63mb ) Number of downloads: 216
Attached File  DSCF5802.JPG ( 1.5mb ) Number of downloads: 205

3. Removing the heater control knobs will reveal 2 screws, using the cross head screw driver remove them.

Attached File  DSCF5803.JPG ( 1.64mb ) Number of downloads: 219

4. Using a flat blade screw driver, GENTLY prise the side of the trim, grip hold of the corner and pull it directly forward. This is held on by some push clips and so you are just pulling it out.

Attached File  DSCF5805.JPG ( 1.58mb ) Number of downloads: 205
Attached File  DSCF5806.JPG ( 1.61mb ) Number of downloads: 205
Attached File  DSCF5807.JPG ( 1.65mb ) Number of downloads: 200

5. Doing step 5 will reveal a screw...remove it.

Attached File  DSCF5808.JPG ( 1.77mb ) Number of downloads: 202

6. Now all that is holding the panel on is 2 push clips. Pull the left hand side of the panel out, working towards the right. You will get to a point where it wont flex or come out any further. Take a firm grip and give it a good pull straight back. It should pull out.

Attached File  DSCF5809.JPG ( 1.68mb ) Number of downloads: 208
Attached File  DSCF5810.JPG ( 1.54mb ) Number of downloads: 203
Attached File  DSCF5811.JPG ( 1.61mb ) Number of downloads: 222

7. Now simply un-clip the attached wire!

Attached File  DSCF5813.JPG ( 1.75mb ) Number of downloads: 216



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Otávio Mattana
post 25th January 2016 00:13
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1.3 8v

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Thank you, that's exactly what I was needing to check the lighting of the controls. I hope that I don't need to rewire nothing smile.gif
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