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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ You & Your Car _ Lancer's 1995 145 1.7 Boxer

Posted by: lancer778544 18th June 2019 20:12

So current plan is to drop the rear subframe, refurb and re-bush it with the polyurethane kit from Bulgaria, tackle the welding with a sill repair panel (and replace the front brake disk shields I didn't realise were missing) from Taros Trade and sort out anything else the MOT highlighted. Pics to follow hopefully this weekend if the weather's kind.

If the above + tyres allows it to pass an MOT then long term plans are remote central locking kit to replace the old Philips alarm, major ICE overhaul (looking forward to this bit) and then tackle the bodywork. After that, rock up to some shows with possibly the rarest car there tongue.gif

While I'm here, any tips on dropping the rear subframe gents?

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