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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ You & Your Car _ Lancer's 1995 145 1.7 Boxer

Posted by: lancer778544 10th April 2019 20:57

Hi all,

About a year ago, my brother, dad and I rescued a 1995 145 from one of my brother's colleagues over in Bristol. It had been standing since about 2010 and it wasn't a pretty sight:

We got it home and it scrubbed up well:

We got it running and after changing the CV joint and a burst brake pipe, it was thrown into an MOT where it did fail on quite a lot (mainly brakes and some odd things) but no rust issues. We did a compression check after trying to diagnose a misfire and 3 of the cylinders were at 170-odd psi but one was down in the 120-130 range. We were planning on dropping the engine out anyway to do the cambelts and clutch so it was moved from my brother's house down to mine and we set about taking the engine out and the results were not pretty:

A piece of the piston and rings had broken off, had a rumble around and presumably got shot out of the exhaust. It's left its mark on the way out, making a bit of a mess of the head but the bore has come out completely unscathed thankfully. The most amazing thing was it had very little blowby, nothing concerning and it didn't burn any oil so really surprising. I did notice that once the exhaust manifold was taken off the two cylinders on this bank were running very lean so I wonder if that is how part of this piston has broken off and been blown out. I'm planning on a new lambda sensor and getting the injectors sent off to be checked in case it was detonation and lean running that caused the piston to fail in the first place.

That was September last year. In the meantime, the piston has been replaced, the valves removed, ground and new valve stem and cam seals on the affected bank. The other head was removed and checked over and all pistons in tact but that head got new seals while it was off as well. The engine is still out of the car while we slowly go through it with last weekend having a new set of timing belts, pulleys and water pump fitted. We'll also be doing the core plugs while its out. I did send the Bosch 2e ABS pump off to be checked over since access is less terrible with the engine out but unfortunately the company I sent it off to wasn't able to check it (I presume due to it's age). That's been reinstalled along with new copper brake lines under the bonnet to replace the remaining original ones and I'm currently de-yellowing the brakes:

A few specs for you:

~ 124,000 miles
Monroe shocks & Apex springs (lowering springs I presume)
Ragazzon exhaust with 4-into-1 (I think) manifold
Some cheap ebay pod air filter that will be replaced with something different
Momo quick-release steering wheel
Momo cheese grater handbrake (will be going also)
Momo pedals (may be fitted, not sure at the moment)
Momo gear knob
Goodrich brake hoses
17" Excite multifit wheels (would prefer the later Teledial Speedlines but MOT first)

Plans are to get the engine in and running by the 4 day bank holiday weekend coming up. As you can probably see in the pics, it does have some body rust, mainly on the rear arches and the corners of the bonnet and some lacquer peel here and there along with a weird discoloured paint patch on the driver's door. Not sure what the plans are for that yet, I want it driveable first. My other car is a stage 3 2005 Saab 9-5 Aero (295bhp/420nm) but I'm really looking forward to driving the Alfa.

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