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Posted by: GialloEvo94 25th January 2014 11:11

QUOTE(JasonHillAO @ 24th January 2014 19:50) *
Is the code system separate to the Ecu? As I think they said they found a key code fault on the Ecu

The CODE system for the Fiat 20vt works exactly the same as on the Alfa TS. There is a CODE immobiliser box that is paired with the engine ECU. If there was a problem with the CODE immobiliser system then the yellow CODE light would remain illuminated on the dash when you turned the ignition on instead of going out. Was it?

Also, I would check with langers or sudqv (the member on here who actually did the conversion on your car) whether he kept the original immobiliser working and wired it in to the dash light properly, or if he had it permanently disabled by an ECU specialist.I can't remember without looking back through the original build thread. If it was disabled then it can't be an immobiliser issue. Certainly worth trying to find out if you can.

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