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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ ICE Lounge _ 6' X 9's But Where?

Posted by: kreidlerhansen 13th February 2012 11:21

If you're looking to make a parcel shelf why not fit a pair of 8" coax units?

Come Spring, I'll be fitting a 10" sub (Hertz Mille Free-Air) and my Audison SRx3 as I don't like having detail coming from the rear, thus sub only and the rear speakers will be disconnected. Doesn't sound right to me and I've always been seriously unimpressed with 6x9s.

Pioneer's headunits w/Direct Sub Drive is a great feature as well, allowing you to hook up a single 2Ohm speaker to one of the rear channels (NOT both!) and 70WRMS peak isn't bad at all. A set of 8" 4Ohm speakers wired in parallel would bring plenty of bass, though a good amp and 8" sub would be even better. coolio.gif

I'm not trying to be rude, but...
When going through the trouble of running cables for an amp and making a new shelf, I see little point in not fitting a dedicated sub. A good 3/4/5ch amp can easily be set up to feed the original speakers and a sub with little extra effort. Most 8" subs wheigh about the same as a pair of massive-magnet-6x9-bragging-speakers anyway, so should removing the shelf and speaker be necessary it's no more of a hassle. A stealth shelf is still possible and all one needs to do is countersink the speaker a bit more.

If power cable size is an issue, there is absolutely no harm in wiring the speakers in series to raise impedance and drop current draw. Even at 8Ohms allround any decent amp will play plenty loud while the lesser current draw will be easier on both amp, speakers, battery... and you'll only need to run one pair of cables from the rear to the front.

Unless building a competition car, both 1 and 2Ohm setups seem more like bragging points than anything else. IMHO, that is. blush.gif

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