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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ Twin Spark Engine Only Oily Stuff _ What is the right engine temperature for an AR 145/146?

Posted by: Jacob 23rd April 2018 15:09

QUOTE(alfizta @ 22nd April 2018 16:46) *
old versions of TS engines (metal top) work at around 80 C, while newer versions (plastic top) my 98(not sure) and after work at about 90 C.
there are two versions of temp gauge dashboards, earlier with an 80 at the middle and newer with the a 90 at the middle. it happens that in the earlier dashes looks like the 80 (and 40 and 120) were misprinted and actually indicate 90 C (50C and 130C). so, if in an older version gauge points to 80 C it means that really the engine is at 90 C. so, in a metal top engine normal temperature would be pointing at somewhat between the 80 C and 60 C dashes pointing to about 70 C, when it really is at 80 C. you can confirm this by plugging in diagnostic software like multi ecu scan. anyone correct me if I am wrong, please.

Thank you "alfizta"! I do find your explanation very specialized, many respects worshippy.gif would you consider that a plastic top or a metal top can have an impact in the health/temperature of the engine? I am saying that because in my case i am afraid that the first mechanic that did the refit with the used engine, installed an older one (than the car's original) which goes normally with a metal top but used the plastic top of the initial motor.

And according to your saying, when my reading instrument shows around 90 C (above middle 80 C) is actually 100 C or above ? eek.gif

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