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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ The Rest Of The Car _ 145s Seats And Back Pain

Posted by: Ganz 28th October 2019 23:55

QUOTE(dante giacosa @ 28th October 2019 09:19) *
you win the prize for this month's most obscure-thread-resurrection, Ganz!

so high they touch the steering wheel!!

That's mental- everything about the 147 is more complicated I think

INCLUDING the info-telematics; WHERE are the pictures, Ganz- the public can't get enough?!!!

I had to resurrect this thread for the sake of future forum members.

I'm near breaking point with the sillyspeed rant.gif The local residents are now complaining that this 147 is blocking access to their wheely bins and I need to move it by Saturday otherwise the whole village is gonna torch it! I'm spending shed loads of money(lockup rental fees) on it and have to spend even more with the purchase of some wheel dollys to move it back to the lockup compound if I manage to squeeze it past the iron gates without smashing the side of the car into the gates. There's something about Alfas though and I just cannot scrap it. Its got Momo leather interior and the multispoke wheels, factory lowered and the info-telematics!!! Come on man! How could I not keep it!!

Life was so simple when I had s**t cars that i took to the scrap dealers who actually gave me money for them. There was no attachment to those sad beasts at all.

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