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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ The Rest Of The Car _ Is THIS, where this goes?

Posted by: dante giacosa 14th March 2019 04:39

It's been some time now, since I refitted my interior, post-welding, and some little bits were less important that other big bits.

In my parts collection I recently found this- is this the gas-pedal-stop, which goes on the floor, under the pedal?

I haven't really 'bumped into' any other owners in my two years of ownership, to ask!


Posted by: JeremyG 15th March 2019 12:56

Looks about right, yes.

IIRC it's also held in with a Philips screw.

Posted by: dante giacosa 15th March 2019 13:18


Mine seems to have a caged M6 nut under the carpet underlay

I'll see what residual hardware I have left...

Posted by: JeremyG 16th March 2019 10:48

Mine looks like this:

Posted by: dante giacosa 16th March 2019 12:46


Thankyou for taking that picture- that's perfect

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