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Posted by: JasonHillAO 18th April 2015 01:06

So it's been happening for awhile and the car has stood still for the past few months because of it, I would get up to head to work and see the car wanting to be driven.

But the day came when I managed to buy a lot of the parts I wanted to fix a number of issues.
It began with some running issues, overheating and the temp fluctuation had me going crazy.
I checked the water feed back to the header tank and there was pressure coming back, I looked at the thermostat and rad, wondering if they were causing the issues.
There was always the nagging in the back of my head telling me that it could be a headgasket sad.gif

So the overhaul begins!
I purchased -

Valeo coolant radiator
New water pump
Genuine timing kit - belt, idler and tensioner
Coolant hose kit
Genuine header tank cap.
Tesa tape (fabric tape)
Tecnic clutch (2k old)

Fist I decided to replace the radiator and thermostat since they were pretty easy and then I could pressure test the system knowing they were good.
The fiat coupe rad is preset much setup like the normal twinspark rad apart from the turbo coolant pipe Plummed into the bottom.
The thermostat is buried under the charge pipe so battery removal and removing the charge pipe is pretty easy.
The thermostat comes with a plate with a 5p size hole in it which was weird and the one I took off had the same but the plate was removable so it been removed.

There was a slight misguided glimmer of hope thinking all my problems were solved but after a pressure test it proved kind of good and bad news.
What was happening was the water pump was leaking just the right amount of water to evaporate on the block and not leak into the floor and after the pressure test it let go completely.

So the next job on the list was set!

The "normal" way or book time way of doing the cambelt and water pump is to drop the engine complete and work from there.
The easier and quicker method is to undo all the engine mounts and rest the gearbox on a scissor jack (so it's adjustable) and a engine crane on the top left engine stabiliser mount.
This then gives 2-3inches of workspace, it's a bit tight to get the idler and tensioner and water pump out of the gap but with a well placed bar you can push the engine over another half an inch to get them out.

Upon the rebuild I fitted most of the new water pipes. Both rad hoses the feed to and from the turbo, the chod, from header to water jacket and the return from thermostat to throttle body through to feed back to header.
Will be fitting the ones from thermostat to matrix when the clutch gets done as will be a lot easier to get to!

New track rod end fitted and balanced the front wheels (damn potholes)
The tesa tape is brilliant and makes a hell of a difference to engine looms!
I do need to paint the rocker cover again...

After bleeding the system and idling there was a ticking sound and I nearly crapped myself, but then remembered the fact that as the rocker was off the hydrolic tappets would be dry.
So a drive home and back to the garage the next day was a good run and she ran perfect! Like a dream.

Now I'm just awaiting new disks and pads which I will be fitting today and tidying a few other bits.
Nownto save for new suspension and possibly wheels....
Then saving for a new paint job smile.gif smile.gif

Posted by: black 146 18th April 2015 06:27

It sound's like you had your hands full & got it sorted now! . All things crossed for you
The leave it do it later gets harder when you do start it all unsure.gif rolleyes.gif bean there/doing that to

Posted by: JasonHillAO 18th April 2015 08:17

I do love working on my car though, even when it gets stressful I do like finding the solutions smile.gif
Makes me proud of the car and what I've achieved and that I will keep it running smile.gif smile.gif

Posted by: black 146 18th April 2015 08:51

QUOTE(JasonHillAO @ 18th April 2015 09:17) *
I do love working on my car though, even when it gets stressful I do like finding the solutions smile.gif
Makes me proud of the car and what I've achieved and that I will keep it running smile.gif smile.gif

Me to when some one walks parsed & say wow what a good looking car and then talk loads on what it is and how much I've sent on it and why the engine bay is so clean ohyes.gif

Posted by: JasonHillAO 19th April 2015 23:23

Well after having no brakes at all I now have brakes! Haha today I took some of the Pistons out of the brembos as they had slightly seized and cleaned them up. After a full brake fluid change and bleed and the new disks and pads and 150miles of driving she runs well!

Posted by: langers 20th April 2015 06:17

Nice to see its being maintained Jason! The brakes also annoyed me but I was concentrating on engine issues.

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