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Alfa Romeo 145 - 146 Forum _ Carnage Corner _ Alfa Vs. Skip Bin

Posted by: Red Rock 30th October 2013 09:07

Thanks for the information guys,

The insurance assessor took a look at it last week and called me today to say it was uneconomic to repair. The car is insured for the equivalent of GBP 1,200 and he said the labour to fix the existing panel would exceed this amount. They looked around for a new or second hand panel, but there are none available in NZ.

I'll take it to a couple of local body shops to see what they can do as it seems 'private' jobs are much cheaper than the same job for an insurance company.

Now I know that the damage is not structural, I'm more inclined to forget the insurance claim, see what can be done to tidy it up for a sensible amount of money and carry on driving it.



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